We are Support 324 Ltd

Working Very Hard in the Leisure Industry



Samples of My Work

Table 4.jpg

We can do Any Shape Table Top

You Could Try This Table Before You Buy 

Table 6.jpg

Try Before you Buy 

A Real Success


Add a new way to play Bingo 


Both Inside and Out 


Support Music and Digital Signs

With Games 

Already being used to its fullest 


Support Music and Signs

Great way to jump into the latest released music  and play either background or foreground 


Using your Under used Public Monitors 

Allowing Adverts when not playing Bingo

Push Button Games

We have many push button games to play in-session, out of session, Bar-Dinner and Machine Rooms 


Either Wired or Remote Push Button 

You could go to customer or customer comes to you 

Push Buttons_edited.jpg

Support 324 

Upgrade your MCB positions 

We have upgraded 2 clubs within lockdown 


To This 


To This 


New Product that we are Offering,


We have worked with an Electronic Design company 

and can now Offer either 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 Monitor walls 

Video Wall Interface 

The output to the wall will be HDMI 

But the Magic is the Input !

We can take Any Input Signal and then pass this to the wall 

So we can show Bingo Book Sales and Prize Moneys -1 to 90 - and Ticket Checks without any other interface rentals   

Support Video Walls

Either 2 By 2 
or 3 by 3


About Us 

We are a small team with great connections within the Leisure Industry 

We can Build, Support or Re-locate if needed

We have a massive selection of used Bingo Equipment ready to be Installed wherever and whenever 


We don't do cannot do

Keith Bodman 


You can contact Us At Any Time 

Newcastle Upon Tyne